The Ladismith Cheese 7Weeks

CLOSEST TOWN > Ladismith

TRAIL DESTINATION > Ladismith High School Sportsgrounds

DISTANCE > x82km, 40km & 26km

GRADING > Moderate to Difficult


The Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort MTB Challenge is a real classic, taking place in the spectacular Klein Karoo landscape. Riders will experience the raw scenic majesty of the poort itself on a ride paced to make you now you've had your physical moneys-worth in additio to the overwelming scenic value.

On your bike

The main 82km race starts at Amalienstein, 25km from Ladismith on Route 62 en route to Oudtshoorn in the east. Starting in front of the old Lutheran Church, participants will pedal through the orchards of Amalienstein Farm before linking to the gravel road through Seweweekspoort, while riders in the 26km and 40km will also get a glimpse before joining riders of the 26km race on the way to the end.

The Seweweekspoort section passes through the Swartberg Nature Reserve. At the northern exit of the poort riders will complete a 10km loop and rejoin the gravel road for the return through Seweweekspoort. Riders must be cautious on this stretch as there may be light motor vehicle traffic and other participants still on their way north. A refreshment station and control is situated at the northern exit and a second refreshment station back at the start. From here the 82km riders will follow the same route as the 26km Mini Challenge.

From Amalienstein riders will follow a footpath to Zoar before crossing the R62 main route to Oudtshoorn. From here, single track, jeep track and gravel roads will take participants through fruit farms in the Hoeko valley and across the Spera farm to join the Hoeko road via Knuyswagendrift to Ladismith.

The 40km route also has its first few kilometres in the Poort before hitting single track on the way back to Amalienstein. This route is not overly technical and riders might only have to get off their bikes once for a small portage of about 20 metres. The last 25km follows the same route as the 26km route.

All riders will finish at the Ladismith High School Sportsgrounds. Off the bike



Telephone: +27 (0)44 279 1013

Website: /

GPS:  33º 29' 033" South / 21º 27' 35" East




The 82km is difficult, the 40km moderate and the 26km easy


Depends on route chosen


The first 50km is a beautiful there-and-back ride up and down the Poort with a circular loop at the exit of the Poort which brings you back to the Poort the return trip to Amalienstein


Amalienstein Packing Shed


95% gravel and 5% farm tracks


None available


Not good


Variable on race day and free for the Poort at other times


Parking at Amalienstein Mission


Thorns in parking area. Falling rocks in rainy conditions



Amalienstein Packing Shed is on Route 62, 26km from Ladismith en route to Oudtshoorn


Year round


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