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Mountain bike routes in South Africa

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Who is mtbroutes?

Name: Jacques Marais (Cape Town, South Africa) - Riding since age of 4; first a red tricycle, then a succession of three-gear dikwiels on the Baviaans River farm roads.

Editorial Role: Author & Photographer; General Dogsbody

Favourite local trail: Oak Valley, Grabouw

Favourite international trail: Slick Rock and Poison Spider, near Moab, Utah, USA

Bike(s): First post-dikwiel MTB was a Giant Iguana; now riding a GT Sensor 1.0 and a Silverback Slider 275. Check out my ride here.....

Real Job: Director: Jacques Marais Media; award-winning photographer and author; works with a dozen-plus premium publications around the world.

Name: Chris Hitchcock (Cape Town, South Africa) - Riding since age of 5; first an old red ‘hoogsit’ that was 2 sizes too big, followed by a string of decrepit rust buckets, cobbled together with lots of enthusiasm and zero budget.

Editorial Role: Social Media Slut

Favourite local trail: Harkerville in Eden near Knysna

Favourite international trail: Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Bike(s): Went from an initial and shameful start on road and triathlon bikes, to a Raleigh RDS9 dual susser which is so strong and heavy that it is still giving stirling service some 6 years later. Check out my ride here.....

Real Job: Director: Chris Hitchcock Images


Name: Paul Jaques (Cape Town, South Africa) - Started riding at 4. The usual tricycle > 1 speed with training wheels > 3 speed > 10 speed > Full suspension mountain bike progression.

Editorial Role: Website administrator

Favourite local trail: Red Hill, Simonstown (well, It's the one I ride the most, 'cos it is in my back yard), or taking the Old Wapad opvok via Silvermine into Tokai.

Favourite international trail: Does the old 'Transkei' count?

Bike(s): Had a couple of road bikes before my first full susser Proflex. Now I have my bulletproof and much loved GT I-drive 2.0 sharing a stable with a new Silverback Mercury 2. Check out my ride here.....

Real Job: Self employed architect, web designer and graphic artist. And anything that comes along that tickles my fancy.....


Name: Johan Pieterse (Stellenbosch, South Africa) - Riding since the age 4. The usual tricycle > 1 speed with training wheels > 3 speed Raleigh bicycle > 8 speed GT Avalanche 3.0

Editorial Role: Website administrator, Trail updates and Videos

Favourite local trail: Oak Valley Trail in Grabouw, best single track ever!!

Favourite international trail: Don't no, never been oversees.

Bike(s): Proud Silverback Technologies Brand Ambassador! Riding new Mercury Comp 29er. Check out my ride here.....

Real Job: Postgraduate student at  the University of Stellenbosch