Understanding: Levels, Awards, Achievements & Badges

The details on how our community is organised.

By default, all new members to the MTBR community are assigned the rank of Rookie. As you contribute to the community by uploading routes, sharing content, adding trails (and many more), you will receive awards which in turn will increase your rank in the community.

As you contribute to our community, points are accumulated automatically allowing you to move from Rookie, to Skilled, Experienced, Master and finally Ambassador. These levels highlight your contribution to the community.

Each level has its own benefits as a way for us to say thank you to those contributing to the community. From discounted gear, to free entries and chances to win high-end products.

Details for the first quarter of 2021 will be published soon.



1 Requirement

  • 450 Rewards

Master Contributor

1 Requirement

  • 100 Rewards

Experienced Contributor

1 Requirement

  • 75 Rewards

Skilled Contributor

1 Requirement

  • 45 Rewards

Getting Started

  1. Register on MTBR.
  2. Check your email and activate your account.
  3. Log In and start contributing by adding a new forum topic, favourite route or sharing current content.


18 Reward Awards

  • MTBR Website Registration
  • Social Sharing any MTBR URL
  • Daily Visit to MTBR
  • Creating a New Forum Topic
  • Changing Profile Picture
  • Adding a Route
  • Sending a Friendship Request
  • Referral Registration
  • Changing Profile Cover Image
  • Completing the Ares Challenge
  • Completing the Wall Challenge
  • Watching a MTBR Video
  • Updating Profile Data
  • Sharing a Post on Facebook
  • Get a Friend to Join MTBR
  • Accepting a Friendship Request
  • Creating a Group
  • Inviting Someone to Join a Group


The following Rewards are currently available:

1. Register on MTBR (5 Points / Once off).

2. Add a Route (20 Points / No limit). Click Add Route, complete the fields and upload your GPX or KML/KMZ file. Remember to SAVE (bottom left)!

3. Change your Profile Avatar (5 Points / 1/week) and/or your Cover Image (5 Points / 1/week). Log In, and then go to Community > Profile.

4. Share a referral link (5 Points / No limit). Details below.

5. Send a Friendship Request (5 Points / No limit). View all members here.

6. Daily visit to MTBR will earn you 3 Points.

7. Participate in events timed by MTBR and you will unlock badges as well as rewards. See the badges page for upcoming events. Navigate to Competitions & Events > Events and see what is currently running.

8. Complete challenges hosted by MTBR. Go to Competitions & Events > Competitions and Challenges for a list of currently running challenges and competitions.

9. Watch the Squirt Cycling Products sponsored video filmed on location at Gabriel’s Loop, Ceder Falls, Baviaanskloof and earn 10 rewards.


We are adding more Rewards regularly, so do check back!


Improve your community rank through referring family or friends that will find the MTBR site useful. Simply generate your referral URL for the page you which to refer them to and automatically earn rewards towards the next rank level.

Achievements & Badges

Badges are now live!

For each challenge (or challenge leg) completed, you will be awarded a badge highlighting your accomplishment. Badges are publicly visible on your MTBR profile. Once you have registered, log in and then simply go to Community on the menu, click Profile and then Achievements > Badges. You can also find your profile under Community > Members Directory.

Badges are accumulated over time and used in awarding prizes to those that that lead MTBR community activity (pardon the pun!). We have some exciting partnership discussions in process which include gear, event entries and all kinds of goodies.

Be sure to join our community today and start participating!

List of currently available badges are here with new badges added regularly!