And the winners are..

Winner MTB: Malcolm Isaacs (PAT Membership, Shirt + Gin Blend Box)

Winner Trail Run: Alberto Prins (PAT Membership, Shirt + Gin Blend Box)

Lucky Draw:

Niel du Pisani -> Paarl KOM/QOM Shirt and Case of Beer from CBC

Willem Mouton -> Paarl KOM/QOM Shirt and Case of Beer from CBC

Jacques Joubert -> Paarl KOM/QOM Shirt and Rogue Apple Moonshine from Wilderer.

King & Queen of Paarl Mountain 2021 Leg 2: CLOSED

Details of Leg 3 here:

Leg 2 of the King & Queen of Paarl Mountain 2021 Challenge

1.51 Kilometers | 153 Meters Elevation Gain | 10.1% Average Grade

The Ares Challenge

Will you conquer it?

The Challenge?

Take on Paarl Adventure Trails’ toughest northern climb, Ares.

The Ares segment, named after the Greek god of war – or more precisely – the spirit of battle, is about as popular as the deity was. Known to be brutal and bloodthirsty, Ares was not celebrated widely, but those that conquered him, were.

The Ares segment is a steep 10% average grade climb. It is rocky and rutted and to add insult to injury, you need to climb to get there – some 650 meters over 20 kilometers. However, the reward will be worth it with 10 kilometers of sublime downhill taking you back over the Superbowl section to Rhebokskloof below.

Ares will try to break you, but those that conquer it will be legendary.

Conquering this challenge will bestow on the winning lady and gent, the Paarl Adventure Trails King (or Queen) of Paarl Mountain Leg 2 title. Complete the other two legs of the challenge as well and be crowned the 2021 King/Queen of Paarl Mountain.

Prizes include entries to the Hero Adventure Night Series, the Rock Race, the Paarl MTB Challenge, The Flatrock Festival  as well as goodies from Uwe Koetter, Wilderer, CBC, Fairview, Spice Route and Rhebokskloof.

Challenge open to cycling and running disciplines.

How it Works

Quickest weighted time takes the prize!

(And bragging rights as the King or Queen of Paarl Mountain Leg 2 winner!).

Cyclists: Win two entries to the Paarl MTB Challenge (incorporating the SA National Champs) on 1 May 2021 as well as a Paarl Adventure Trails Memberships giving you access to nearly 500km of trails in MTB & Trail Run heaven!

Trail run winners take home a variety of prizes from our sponsors including gift vouchers and Paarl Adventure Trails Memberships giving you access to nearly 500km of trails in MTB & Trail Run heaven!

Lucky draw prizes include wines from Spice Route, various beers from CBC, gin tastings, glasses, a gin blend box and some Rogue Moonshine from Wilderer.

Both a ladies and gents categories apply.



# ID Surname First Name Gender Date Actual Time Weighted Time
1 1099966 Isaacs Malcolm M 2021-03-13 14:12:56 00:07:31 00:05:08
2 3280407 Mouton Willem M 2021-03-14 13:10:31 00:09:02 00:05:11
3 1130029 du Pisani Niel M 2021-03-06 08:32:27 00:09:15 00:05:31
4 3280407 Mouton Willem M 2021-03-03 06:12:21 00:09:12 00:05:32
5 26220908 2021-02-27 09:36:00 00:10:32 00:05:50
6 2792978 2021-03-13 07:59:24 00:11:08 00:07:18
7 19615981 2021-02-17 14:18:57 00:08:52 00:07:21
8 2749564 Joubert Jacques M 2021-02-27 09:36:19 00:12:19 00:07:22
9 11221740 2021-02-27 09:36:29 00:13:23 00:08:15
10 3994102 2021-02-27 09:37:03 00:13:55 00:08:27
11 19615981 2021-02-10 15:20:21 00:10:14 00:08:29
12 73028056 Van Zyl Reinier M 2021-02-27 11:00:57 00:31:51 00:17:54
13 42435971 Van Zyl Devan M 2021-02-27 10:57:22 00:32:28 00:25:12
14 72980159 Van Zyl Juan M 2021-02-27 11:00:58 00:30:31 00:25:14


# ID Surname First Name Gender Date Actual Time Weighted Time
1 19615981 2021-03-02 15:35:08 00:08:35 00:06:11

If your results are not displayed, please check the following:

  1. Competition Registration Complete?
  2. Personal Details Complete?
  3. Strava Connected (and no permissions removed)?

If all these boxes have been ticked, please send us a mail at to investigate.

Where weighted time displays ‘Update Details’, please enter your personal details for our calculations to work.

20/01/2021 11:02

Paarl Adventure Trails - Rhebokskloof Red Route

Copy the following HTML iframe code to your website:

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 30.03 km
  • Time 7 h 30 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 183 m
  • Peak 536 m
  • Climb 851 m
  • Descent 862 m


Step 1. Register for the Challenge ->

Step 2. Connect your Strava Account to (if you have not done so before).

Step 3. PREPARE :).

Step 4. Download the GPX file from and make sure you understand where the segment starts and ends (a recce ride is advised).

Step 5. Head out to Rhebokskloof and the give it horns!



-> Valid Paarl Adventure Trails Day Pass or Membership.

-> Strava Segment for the challenge: Paarl Adventure Trails – Ares.

-> Heart Rate Monitors are compulsory.

-> NO E-bikes.

-> Competition starts on 01/02/2021 and ends 14/03/2021.

-> You can complete the challenge/segment as many times as you wish.

-> Challenge open to runners and cyclists.


To ensure cyclists and runners from all walks of life have a fair chance of becoming the King or Queen of Paarl Mountain, we apply the formula below to calculate a weighted time.

The Formula

We take into account your effort through our HR Factor, your height and weight through our BMI Factor (this number is usually unkind to stocky people, but is to your advantage here ;)) and your actual time.

In short, actual time (in seconds) X BMI Factor X HR Factor = Weighted Time.

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