8 Hour Challenge Results

Results of the 8 Hour Trail Run and MTB Challenge.

We are so pumped to share the 8 hour challenge results with you!

Just a quick refresher: The challenge took place at Picardie Guest Farm in Paarl last weekend. Contestants could participate either in teams or individually, with the MTB lap consisting of 8.4km and the trail run route of 6.9km. A detail that proved to be very important later on, was that the event started at 07:03 and officially ended at 15:03. The course proved to be really challenging, as the elevation gain was 285m and the route quite technical. Competitors of both MTB and Trail rose to the challenge though, and here are their results.

Trail Run:

Men: Team “Let’s Go With ‘Fun”” took first place with an elapsed time of 03:36:19.
Women: Team “Mom’s Extreme” competed with a time of 04:44:42 for the 41,42km and took first place.

Hetta van den Berg took first place with her 2 laps.

Senior (Women)
1. Sharron Brouckaert completed 6 laps, had an average time of 01:04:23 per lap and competed for a total time of 06:26:20.
2. Elizabeth Nel completed 5 laps, averaged 01:01:45 per lap and competed for a total time of 05:08:49.
3. Riana Volschenk completed 4 laps with an average of 0:51:06 per lap, and competed for a total time of 03:24:25.

Senior (Men)
1. Riaan van Zyl completed 7 laps, totalling 5 hours and 26 minutes of competing time, with an average time of 0:46:37 per lap.
2. Combrink van Wyk too completed 7 laps totalling 06:07:52 of competing time and an average time of 0:52:33 per lap.
3. Anton Neethling also completed 7 laps, with an average time of 0:52:40 per lap, bringing his total competing time to 06:08:43.


Team Thule from Stellenbosch claimed first place here. The team consisted of Dirko Laing and Rynhardt van Rensburg. Team Thule we also sponsors of the 8 Hour Challenge Solo prizes.

Marco Matthysen won the junior category with 6 laps. He also claimed first place for the Maize Dash segment.

Senior (Women):
1. Yvette Negrini took the title of first place with 6 laps and averaged a time of 0:39:30 per lap, despite her actually having cycled 8 laps! Yvette took the road less traveled in 2 of them and they unfortunately could not be included in her total laps. But she rocked the challenge regardless and totalled a time of 03:57:04.
2. Crystle-Lynne Moore completed 5 laps with an average time of 01:02:35 per lap. Her total time was 05:12:57.

Senior (Men):
This is where the technicality of the time mattered – talk about a grand finalé!
3. John Spangenberg, better known as the Flat Bar Hooligan, took third place with 13 laps and average time of 01:08:38.
2. Pieter-Gerhard Matthysen (Marco’s dad), took second place and the titles of KOM and Technical Master. He completed 14 laps and averaged a time of 0:30:24 per lap. Pieter-Gerhard’s challenge saw him complete a total of 116,86km by 14:30:18.
1. And then Murray Craib decided to go for one more lap. Murray left for his 15th and final lap at 14:32:57 (keep in mind the average lap time for the challenge was 44 minutes). With an average time of 0:28:39 per lap, Murray was cutting it fine to say the least. When Murray came in and claimed the first position, he had completed a total of 125km, and slid in at 15:00:23. With just over 2,5 minutes to spare (and everyone’s nerves shot), Murray Craig claimed the title in the Senior Men’s category.

Big up to all the competitors and Ferdinand Rabie for his enthralling commentary and coverage. One final thought – Murray, spare us the tension next time, will you? Just tell us from the start that you’re in it to win it!

Full results here: https://mtbroutes.co.za/competitions-and-events/8-hour-challenge/#leaderboard

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