Woodridge Loop, Kouga

Woodridge College boasts a rockabilly route brimming with a bunch of edgy berms, twists, turns and rock gardens, ranging from super-easy to extremely technical sections. This is a purpose-built trail (originally conceptualised by Billy Teeton) which pretty much traces the perimeter fence of the 240ha school grounds, offering an exhilarating mix singletrack cranking.

Around 95% of the 8km course is groomed and well-maintained singletrack, dipping and diving through indigenous bush tunnels, eucalyptus plantations and along fynbos ridgelines. Some steep descents and sharp climbs, terrain varying between rocks, sand and roots, and constant changes in vegetation will keep you fully focused.

The upgraded Woodridge Loop links to the Thornhill Route, and slots in perfectly with the rest of the 3 Rivers Trails network. This allows you to link to Longmore, Crossways Village as well as J-Bay Bike Park from a single trail hub, all while negotiating nearly 140km of off-grid gravel roads and well-maintained singletrack – www.woodridgecollege.com

  • Distance 8 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 0.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 180 m
  • Peak 250 m
  • Climb 193 m
  • Descent 196 m

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