STOLLA MTB Grips Launch in Stellenbosch!

On Saturday February 10th, cycling innovators STOLLA will launch their first product in a range of game-changing mountain biking accessories - pioneering shock-dampening handle-bar grips.

Conquer Rough Terrain in Comfort

On Saturday February 10th, cycling innovators STOLLA will launch their first product in a range of game-changing mountain biking accessories. These pioneering shock-dampening handle-bar grips have been designed to lessen the impact of corrugations and jarring on your wrists, and are guaranteed to improve your riding enjoyment.

Mountain bikers and gravel riders, brace yourselves! Get ready to say goodbye to arm fatigue, and Hello! to a smoother, more comfortable ride. Sign up now, and you could be part of the launch of our revolutionary STOLLA shock-dampening handlebar grips.

Experience the Difference

Traditional handlebar grips offer little to no protection against jarring vibrations that plague most mountain bike trails and gravel routes. STOLLA has decided to disrupt the status quo with its innovative, internationally patented technology, and their grips will transform every ride into a symphony of comfort and control.

How STOLLA Works

At the core of each STOLLA Grip, you will find a unique elastomer Air Plenum, suspended within the durable outer shell. This ingenious design acts as a mini suspension system for your hands, absorbing shock and vibration before they reach your arms. They furthermore feature a built-in Impact Attenuation System to mitigate any jarring on the riders’ hands.

Benefits for STOLLA Riders

Reduced Arm Fatigue
: Tame the bumps and conquer longer distances with much diminished fatigue and anatomical discomfort.

Enhanced Control: Improved grip through vibration dampening translate to increased confidence and sharper handling on technically challenging trails.

Diminished Injury Risk: By absorbing most harmful vibrations, STOLLA helps prevent repetitive strain injuries to keep your hands and wrists healthy.

Improved Comfort: Experience the joy of riding without numb fingers or aching arms, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of Stellenbosch trails.

Join our STOLLA Outride

We will celebrate the arrival of our first consignment of STOLLA Grips in South Africa by hosting an outride on 10 February 2024 at 6:30AM. Join us at Dornier Wine Estate to meet like-minded mountain biking enthusiasts while we explore a scenic loop through the breathtaking Stellenbosch mountains. This is your chance to experience the transformative power of STOLLA Grips firsthand. To join, email us on!

Test Ride and Win!

During the outride, you’ll have the chance to get a hands-on feel of our STOLLA Grips fitted on some of our bikes. We will also host a Lucky Draw with awesome prizes for participants, including a pair of their very own STOLLA Grips, Gloves or Cycling Tops. You’ll also have a chance to purchase STOLLA products at a 20% discount, and enjoy a free drink on us.

RSVP and Stay Informed:

Visit our website or RSVP at to book your space on the Stellenbosch outride, and to receive regular updates on STOLLA news and events. And feel free to follow us on Instagram @stolla_fast_forward

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