Greyt Middelplaas Escape

10 April 2021

This year’s Greyt Middelplaas Escape will take on 10 April 2021 at the Spectacular Middelplaas Farm just outside the quant village of Greyton.

Distance Options & Costs:

60km: R550 per rider

40km: R350 per rider

20km: R250 per rider

(Includes hamburger/worsroll; pancake; beer/cold drink at the finish)


Timing & Results

Live results will be displayed at the venue using data from the popular fitness App, Strava.

Ensure you connect your Strava account below and upload your activity to Strava to be included in the results.

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01/03/2021 14:47

Greyt Middelplaas Escape 2021 - 60km

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 63.00 km
  • Time 15 h 48 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 229 m
  • Peak 600 m
  • Climb 1364 m
  • Descent 1369 m
01/03/2021 14:50

Greyt Middelplaas Escape 2021 - 20km

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 18.50 km
  • Time 4 h 30 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 232 m
  • Peak 372 m
  • Climb 417 m
  • Descent 417 m
01/03/2021 14:48

Greyt Middelplaas Escape 2021 - 40km

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 41.45 km
  • Time 10 h 15 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 240 m
  • Peak 602 m
  • Climb 1004 m
  • Descent 1008 m


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Pre-Event Briefing (and Race Tips)

NamedSport Segment Winners

NamedSport hamper winners for the Greyt Middelplaas Escape are:

HB Kruger for taking 2 of the 3 KOMs amongst the men and Cathy Colyn for taking 3 of the 3 KOMs amongst the ladies.

The KOMs were: 1. NamedSport Pear Orchard Climb, 2. NamedSport Dam(n) KOM and 3. NamedSport Extended UFO Climb.

The weighted KOM winners are Malcolm Isaacs for the best weighted time across the NamedSport Technical Master segment as well as NamedSport Jean se Bult and Elrika Harmzen-Pretorius for being the fastest lady over these weighted segments.

Lucky draw: Warren Pearson.

Please get in touch with us to claim your prize at

Greyt Middelplaas Escape Results

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