Eastern Cape MTB Routes

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An elephant with is trunk raised high upon vast spekboom plains. The raucous screech of touracos, ratcheting forth from a grove of ancient Tsitsikamma forest giants. Sets of shimmering super-tubes breaking against wild and untamed shores. The fiery, blood-red burst of Aloe ferox, spiking high along rocky ridges … These are some of the images which stick in your mind after a journey into the Eastern Cape heartland.

 Visitors brave enough to trip deep into ‘Frontier Country’ will discover a glut of leisure escapes, eco-getaways and adventure activities along endless back road routes. Navigate the N6 northwards to where the Drakensberg ranges rear up in all their primordial splendour along the distant horizon to immerse yourself in get-high heaven. Tramp onto the splendid mountain trails here, and you can be sure you’re following in the footsteps of the San who roamed here countless generations ago.

 Winter transforms the landscape into a picture-perfect panorama of snow-capped peaks and green slopes, with snowboarders and skiers decamping to Tiffindell from all over South Africa. Spring and summer brings balmy weather, and fly-fishermen can cast their flies on sparkling streams in search of wily trout. Follow these streams for long enough along their inland route, and the countryside will soon morph to become first the wistful Camdeboo Plains and then forests, dunes and beaches of the Sunshine and Wild Coast regions.

Whichever way you decide to travel, the Eastern Cape is bound to deliver on your wildest dreams.

Go on, it promises to be the adventure of a lifetime!

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